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Director:  Patrea Patrick

Screenwriter:   Patrea Patrick 

Genre:  Drama

The story that defines the century.  The film for our times


It was the turn of the century. Men with no names boarded a private rail car for a thousand mile trip to a secret destination. It was a meeting that was supposed to have never existed. As they drank eighty-year-old scotch,, plans were laid out, that would change the face of banking forever.

Film in development and screenplay written.

Collaborative inquiries welcome.


Director:  Patrea Patrick

Producer:  Patrea Patrick

Screenwriter:  Patrea Patrick

Genre:  Documentary

Feature Documentary on the vulnerable Electric Grid and how the power companies work with Congress to avoid responsibility while the public bears the risk of a nation-wide long-term black out.

What would you do with out banking, water, cell phones, and food delivery? It could happen. Find out how.

This film is about the present vulnerability of the nations most precious electric grid, and importantly, what needs to be done about it.

DONATE to fund this film's completion. 

This film has been funded by its makers, Heartfelt Films LLC and needs an injection of $15,000 to $20,000 to get it to the stage of completion where it can be screened publicly. If you can help this important message to get out there, please click 'donate'. Thanks!


Director:  Patrea Patrick

Screenwriter:  Patrea Patrick

Genre:  Documentary


Feature Documentary on the Solar storms threatening and hitting the U.S. right now that could take the grid OFFLINE!  We would be in the dark for months or years!

This is a matter of National Security.


Presently, vulnerability of the nation's electric grid exists. Citizens could easily be left in the dark for months or years!  Nuclear power plants will 'go Fukashima' without power.... A nuclear melt-down within a black out. A disaster within a disaster could too easily happen. A large solar storm could disrupt our Electric Power Grid.  What would you do without banking, water, communications and food delivery? It could happen! 


OFFLINE is a film about the present state of our nation's most precious Electric Power Grid, and the scientific data that shows the United States Electric Grid is vulnerable to a long term wide spread blackout.

TITANIC; The Perfect Crime

Director:  Patrea Patrick

Screenwriter:  Patrea Patrick

Genre: Historical Drama


Of all the tales of the sea, this one echoes her story from the waters below.


Titanic a Perfect Crime is based on the riveting  novel about J.P. Morgan and his White Star Line, bringing out insights and connections never before presented. 


This dramatic blockbuster film in the making is in development, with a screenplay written.


CONTACT US for collaborative inquiries.

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AMERICAN EMPIRE - The Documentary

Directors:  Patrea Patrick

Screenwriter:  Patrea Patrick

Genre:  Documentary


American Empire Documentary on Politics and top 1% rule.


The American Empire has taken over  the American Dream.


"We the People"  are left with a Government and Congress that does the bidding of corporate interest.  These people will take us and the Environment off the cliff.  

This film joins the dots and displays the connections between key industries and players that shape the course of society and its development.