About Heartfelt Films

HEARTFELT FILMS; a film production company established by



Patrea Patrick is an award winning producer, director, film editor and author, with a passion and talent for making films. As the name Heartfelt Films suggests, the subjects of her books and films are close to the heart and of importance for our perceptions, our society and our world at this time. Born in Hollywood she has a deep respect for the art of story, story telling, and the power of story in films and books. The platform provides great themes, drama and narratives that give her range in her art, from history, to the Electric Grid, to child abuse, to the United States of America as a backdrop and canvas. Ms. Patrick has produced a number of films and published books.  TITANIC a PERFECT CRIME, and TEN DAYS AT JEKYLL ISLAND are two fascinating books by Ms. Patrick . 

Black Start is an exciting documentary calling for protections and delving into the weakness of the American Electric Grid, the very grid we depend on! Currently in development are the two films  Ten Days at Jekyll Island , and Grid Down.




“Editing is the one single thing that makes motion picture an art form. Without it, you are simply

recording an event, real or staged. But the ability to alter time and space elevates that recording

process to an art form. That is why editors are called the gods of time and space." ~ Jack Tucker ACE