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Heartfelt Films is an entertainment film company.

We are not a typical Hollywood studio conglomerate.

We strive to define ourselves apart from conformity.

 As an independent company we are able to tell it like it is!


We pride ourselves on creating films of distinction,

which educate and present real and important insights

into aspects of society and influences that affect us all in

profound ways. Our films are riveting, entertaining 

and define the art of film making it self. 

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Feature Films and BOOKS


This exciting docu-drama style film tells the story of World Heavyweight champion wrestling Super Legend, Bruno Sammartino, from  his early childhood years on.


Nazi occupation overtakes his small Italian village. The family is hunted as the Nazis search and machine gun down the town's people. This is a gripping and true story of the endurance and courage displayed, as Bruno's mother tries to  save her family during the WWII Nazi onslaught.  


Bruno's childhood drama comes to the big screen. Bruno's family history is surprising, legendary in itself and sets a stunning backdrop to events as they unfold in his life.

Step behind the legend to learn about this 'larger than life' icon, and discover the hidden strengths behind the man, Bruno Sammartino. 

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American Empire 

the Documentary


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the Documentary

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Ten Days at

Jekyll Island

A novel by

Patrea Patrick 


a Perfect Crime

A novel by

Patrea Patrick 

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to American Empire 

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Street 16

A short film

by Patrea Patrick


Titanic - A Perfect Crime.

                        A Documentary

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 TITANIC  A Perfect Crime 



 Why did Titanic sink. Follow the clues in this amazing story that unfolds as JP.Morgan builds Olympic,  Titanic, Britanic.  

 TITANIC  A Perfect Crime 

Documentary ?  


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New Release Books


The Solar Threat to

the Power Grid

The Sun will shoot out a CME toward earth. Not if but when?  Are we prepared? 

Summary: Eventually, possibly within the next decade, Earth will be hit by a solar burst that will knock out the world's power grids for months or years. ~~ Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Societal & Economic Impacts, December 2008, National Academy of Sciences in collaboration with NASA

Just Released!

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The book that defines a century.  Destined to be an American classic.

On a night in November just before Thanksgiving, a list of powerful bankers and politicians, only to be known by their first names, were invited to a private rail car for a thousand-mile train trip to a secret destination: Jekyll Island. 


The Documentary


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It makes you think.

Your points are made strongly.

I have to commend you on a very well done movie.“                                                  ~ Oliver Stone

They meet secretly In the private island clubhouse. As they drink eighty year old scotch, plans are laid to change the face of banking forever!

Ten Days At Jekyll Island brings you inside their secret meeting. You will not find this in Morgan's memoirs. 


Against the back drop of the 1907, banking crash, .J.P. Morgan saw an opportunity to expand his Empire. 


This book is filled with drama.  This is a  fascinating look into the most clandestine meeting ever!


American Empire is a film that looks at what the country has become andh ow  the founding forefathers' ideals against a Central Bank crumbled before our eyes.  We are left to pay trillions in debt. President Jefferson's ideals of food security and farming now sit in the hands of a few corporate entities, ignoring toxic pollution of our water and replacing our food with biotech and genes technology. 


The film brings to light the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington. It questions the blind eye to politicians who are bought and paid for by big money to keep big Pharma, big Agriculture, big Energy and big bankers in control. It puts light on how corporate plunder all to easily destroys the environment, for profit. 


The film asks up to stop and think. Catastrophes like the oil spills, fracking, reactor leaks, and toxic chemicals happen while corporations are escaping punishment with slap on the hand policies. What is the correlation in the increase in cancers and heath issues? We the people get lost in the maze without a say on the very issues that are critical to our survival.   

Titanic - A Perfect Crime.

A Novel by Patrea Patrick


A story filled with important revelations, TITANIC - A Perfect Crime leads us through a tangled maze of deception and plo