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Feature Films and BOOKS


This exciting docu-drama style film tells the story of World Heavyweight champion wrestling Super Legend, Bruno Sammartino, from  his early childhood years on. The heroic bravery of his mother was the focus that Bruno wished to show the world in this film, as a tribute to the vital role she played in his life.

Bruno's family history is surprising and legendary in itself and sets a stunning backdrop to events as they unfold.

Step behind the legend to learn about this 'larger than life' icon, and discover the hidden strengths behind the man, Bruno Sammartino.

The film 'BRUNO SAMMARTINO' opened November 29th 2019, for one week at the Monica Film Center at 1332 2nd Street in Santa Monica, CA 90401 and in New York at the Cinema Village, 22 East 12th Street.

The early edits  were completed in time for Bruno to view the film before his sad passing in April 2018. This is a tribute to his dearly-loved mother for the endurance and courage she displayed, to save her family during Nazi occupation of their village in Bruno's childhood.

American Empire 

the Documentary


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the Documentary

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Ten Days at

Jekyll Island

A novel by

Patrea Patrick 


a Perfect Crime

A novel by

Patrea Patrick 

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Short Film

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Street 16

A short film

by Patrea Patrick


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The Solar Threat to

the Power Grid

Summary: Eventually, possibly within the next decade, Earth will be hit by a solar burst that will knock out the world's power grids for months or years.  
~~ Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Societal & Economic Impacts, December 2008, National Academy of Sciences in collaboration with NASA


The Documentary


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“A PROVOCATIVE FILM. It makes you think. Your points are made strongly. I have to commend you on a very well done movie.“                       ~ Oliver Stone

American Empire is a film that talks about the political machine. Its more than a journalistic approach. It brings to light the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington where politicians are bought and paid for by big money. It puts light on how corporate plunder all to easily destroys the Environment for profit. It brings to light that catastrophes like the Santa Barbara oil spill, the BP oil spill, fracking, and toxic chemicals corporations are exposing us to and the correlation on the increase in cancers and heath issues, destroying our families especially in low income areas. It brings to light that there are answers and urges us to get involved in our community to stand up to injustice.

New Release Books


Just Released!


In New York 1907, the year of the banking crash, thousands lined the streets trying to get their money out of the failing banks. J.P. Morgan saw an opportunity for his plans to expand his Empire.  
On a night in November just before Thanksgiving, a list of powerful bankers and politicians, only to be known by their first names, were invited to Senator Aldrich's private rail car for a thousand-mile train trip to a secret destination.  
One by one these men boarded the car, and told of the departure to Jekyll Island. It was said it was to be a duck hunt. But why go such a distance? 'Why not stay close to New York?' the men grumbled. Although competitors, their curiosity won over their disdain.  

The meeting was so shrouded in mystery that the island servants were let go and new ones hired for this occasion. In the private island clubhouse, as they drank eighty year old scotch, plans were laid that would change the face of banking forever!

Titanic - A Perfect Crime.

A Novel by Patrea Patrick


A story filled with important revelations, TITANIC - A Perfect Crime leads us through a tangled maze of deception and plotting. Based on facts and research, from actual incidents surrounding the owner of the White Star Line, this powerful book presents a startling look at what we thought was history.

A ship's captain, with the benefit of state-of-the-art submersibles is sent on a mission, ostensibly to document and photograph the last resting place of the historical TITANIC ship.

Gold fever takes hold, when it becomes known that a fortune in treasure may be down there with her. But this all pales when the expedition uncovers facts and evidence that throws the world they thought they knew, into a new, frightening and all-too-real perspective.

Written by a documentary and dramatic film maker, this novel has all the hallmarks of a best-seller. Historical fact is woven into an exciting, suspense-filled and dramatic story that is simply a MUST READ for those who want a deeper look at the Titanic saga.

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